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There are three major elements to finding the perfect apartment: Location, Size, and Price. If there’s an apartment that meets all three of these criteria for you, then everything else is a bonus!
  Do you want to live close to work so you’re able to walk to work or close to a freeway to ease your commute? Do you want to be walking distance to all the hottest restaurants and bars or near a dog park for your four legged friend?
The first aspect of finding an apartment that’s the right size is deciding how many bedrooms you need. The following questions you have to ask yourself is how much space do you need? Are you someone that needs a lot of storage? Want a big kitchen and living room for entertaining? How important is having a balcony/ patio to you?
You have to decide what your ultimate rent limit is. Are there some aspects of your life where you could be more frugal in order to take on a higher rent? Could you cut back on the fancy dinners and forgo the pricy gym membership? You never want to stretch your budget so much that you get into trouble and have to turn off your cable and electricity. However, having a space that you can entertain your friends can payoff in the long run. Especially if they come over bringing food and wine!   By: Kristy Charron      

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