Our Mission

Helping people find their true place in the world. We are building a very specific culture at Modtown. Open. Airy. Inclusive. Unlike other brokerages, we don’t cram our agents into a cookie-cutter vision of who we think they should be.

With every new service, initiative and partnership, we aim to help you build on your individual strengths and neutralize your weaknesses. We want to help you find your true place in the world, not a place we have carved out for you. This is an entrepreneurial business, after all.

Our brand plays a support role to each agent’s individual brand. We echo them and they echo us in a complementary, synergistic way. We similarly serve our clients by making it our business to find them the perfect fit, whether it’s a home, condo, townhouse, city-center or some place far away from the hustle and bustle.

We are dedicated to helping individuals to find their true place in the world, not just any place. And we don’t stop until we do.

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